As an Interior Designer, we often enter into a year or season knowing only a handful of trends will stand the test of time for longer than just a season. The “inky blue” trend of 2020 is proving to be a dark and moody palette that is sticking around for the foreseeable future for home interiors.

With the “grey” trend truly entering its end of life for modern interior design, we’re looking to dramatic colours to take its place in creating beautiful homes. Inky blue offers instant grandeur to a space – however big or small – with its jewelled depth avoiding making a space feel cold. With the rich and warm tone of Inky Blue, you can produce a dramatic look whilst still feeling cosy and relaxing.

Inky blue with neutrals

Wanting some drama but not feeling too brave? There are a number of ways to incorporate inky blue wonder walls into your space without going all out. Using inky blue on the walls but using neutral tones for furniture, lighting, soft furnishings and accessories can really lighten the space. This approach creates drama and sophistication but can make the room feel lighter and brighter.

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Inky blue on inky blue

Feeling brave? This is the approach for you. Using inky blue on the walls – and even the ceiling – alongside inky blue furniture can create an elegant, dramatic space for your home interior. This scheme would, however, need to be peppered with accent colours. Green can work exceptionally well against an Inky Blue scheme, but this requires some extravagance and courage.

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It’s no secret that pairing metallics with inky blue are a match made in heaven for modern interior design. Pair copper, brass, antique brass or chrome with an inky blue scheme and you won’t go wrong. Adding metallic accessories through interior decoration – especially to an inky blue bathroom or kitchen – can create an effortless, luxurious look.

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Accessorising through interior decoration

If you want to incorporate inky blue into your room scheme but not in an overpowering way, you can use the colour as an accent colour on a neutral palette through interior decoration. You can paint your cabinets in inky blue, add soft furnishings or simply add it through patterns in paintings or ornaments. This approach adds depth to a neutral scheme with an effortless style that can be changed easily and is cost-effective.

Photo credit: The French Bedroom Company

Inky blue is beautiful, deep, jewelled colour that can be used and styled in so many ways in modern interior design. This exceptional colour is effective in any home interior when used with thought.

Georgina, Owner, COCO Interior Design

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