Accessories are the finishing touch to any home interior. They are the items people see first when they enter a room and they add the attention to detail that completes a design.

When looking at accessorising your space, you need to pay attention to the quantity, shape and size of any one accessory. They need to compliment the space, not be overpowering and you don’t want too many accessories that it feels like a jumble sale.


With shelving accessorising, it’s important to look at the overall aesthetic of the space rather than just one shelf at a time. Think about the different shapes and sizes of the objects you are selecting and remember – less is more. Shelving accessories should draw the eye out past the other elements in the room.

Image credit: Sophie Paterson

Coffee table styling

Your coffee table – or ottoman – is the centrepiece to your living space but it’s important not to forget that this too can be styled with thought. When thinking about your coffee table styling you need to focus on creating flat areas of interest. Coffee table books add colour and relevance, these can be topped with candles or ornaments to add detail. If you aren’t blocking a view across the room, you can add a vase with flowers to add height to the style as shown in the image.

Image credit: Room for Tuesday

Bedside tables

Your bedside tables shouldn’t be neglected to only your water glass and phone charger. Your bedside tables are an extension of your bed styling, adding elegance and elongating the essence of the space of your home interior. Top your tables with tall, sophisticated matching lamps. Add photo frames or ornaments, trinket bowls or vases of fresh flowers as a feature.

Image credit: LuxDeco

Console tables

Console tables are great features in any home interior whether it’s a hallway, dining area or addition to the living space. Console tables require tall objects to balance the shape of the table with them being narrow, they also benefit from the addition of artwork or a mirror behind to centralise the table which has been done in the image below. As with the coffee table and shelving, don’t over complicate it, think about the overall look of the space and how you want it to look as a finished article.

Image credit: Zele

Accessories are designed to pull a modern interior design scheme together, adding elegance and charm to what can otherwise be a flat, stark space but it’s important to think about the overall look of the given area before going overboard with accessorising. Ensure you think about the height and surface of the objects, add layers and details to create a sumptuous look for your interior decoration.

Georgina Robertson, Owner, COCO Interior Design

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