We may be in a full summer heatwave right now, but autumn is fast approaching and it’s never too soon to be on top of the latest interior design trends. The next seasonal styles are right around the corner, so I’ve rounded up the best trends for autumn to help you kick start your next project planning with these trends in the forefront of your mind.

Earthy Tones

When I think about autumn, I think of warm, natural hues that make me feel cosy but bright and fresh. Earthy colour palettes have been a consistent trend throughout 2020, but earthy tones are set to be even bigger for autumn. With colours like cinnamon, caramel, burnt orange and rich pinks being trendy, they also add a depth of tone and warm touch to any home interior.

If you love the thought of these colours in your home interior for the autumn season but you don’t want to do a full redesign of your space, add these colours through soft furnishings like cushions, throws, rugs and lamp shades. Earthy tones work particularly well as accent colours to a neutral palette – they are great for adding layers to what can sometimes be a stark space any time of year.

Image credit: Tess Maretz

World Traveller

International inspired interiors are a design style that bring global influences into the home. With animal print, statement ceramics and bold lighting at the centre of interiors for the autumn season, think about incorporating various world-inspired pieces into your spaces. This trend doesn’t need to be a full space redesign, it can simple be adding to the base you already have. Introducing pieces inspired by different cultures can add detail and interest to your home interior.

Image credit: Em Design

Cosy Country

Who doesn’t love a cosy country trend? Think Soho House meets The White Company. Cosy country is a popular trend every autumn/winter, a classic country style which can be adapted to suit the type of property. This trend encompasses the earthy tones trend, complimenting wood and natural materials such as stone and brick.

When thinking about creating a cosy country home interior, you need to consider whether you want to create this style by going for white as a base colour and layering in similar neutral tones or whether you are wanting a darker, moodier palette. Remember to think about your lighting and natural light in the space when you are making this decision. Whichever colour direction you decide, include cosy blankets, cushions to sink into, candles and soft low-level lamps and lighting for those evenings in watching a movie.

Image credit: Sandra K Home

Luxurious Bejewelled

If you’re looking for a more extravagant trend for autumn, this is the one for you. Bejewelled tones have been around for interiors in 2020 but I see them being even bigger for autumn/winter. With rich, deep colours, darker and heavier fabrics that create moody atmospheres, this is a different take on a cosy space.

Embrace this trend by ensuring you have a centrepiece of furniture in a rich bejewelled tone such as teal, burnt orange or emerald green that is accented by metallic accessories and you need to ensure you have velvet somewhere in the room!

Image credit: Your Space Furniture

Whichever trend you are looking to incorporate into your home this autumn, ensure it fits your style and the style of the property. Trends are only timeless when they are suited to their environment.

Georgina Robertson, Owner, COCO Interior Design

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