2020 changed the world in a way that no one was anticipating. It changed most aspects of everyday life, pushed all of humanity to adapt and change the way in which we were living and going about our daily lives.

With most of the population working from home and with many families also homeschooling – the way in which our homes need work and function changed completely. What once was just the dining room or table, overnight became an office, a homework station, and a place to eat three meals a day for all the family. Our homes now need to be adapted to this new way of life, to be practical and functional yet luxurious to be in for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I’ve pulled together some of the best design ideas you can do in your home to quickly give it a refresh and a rethink. It’s all about space saving, thinking about what you practically need and then creating a space that provides you with the best liveable luxury.

Versatile furniture

Now more than ever we need versatile furniture that can double (or triple) up in functionality. Last year, we added workspaces to our living rooms and classrooms to our kitchens as “quick fixes”. But this year with our “new norm” apparent, we need to find new ways to reimagine our homes to incorporate new pieces of furniture that restore balance to our multi-functional spaces.

Transforming your spare bedroom (if you have one) into a multi-functional space is a great starting point. Adding some workspace and swapping your spare bed for a daybed can be a quick win. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a spare room, adding a focal point to your living area with shelving and a desk can also give you the space you need without feeling like you are taking over your whole room.

Durable fabrics

As well as transforming your multi-functional spaces to being practical and useable, you’re probably also thinking about your sofa and dining room fabric choices and even flooring at this stage. The more time we are spending in our homes, the more wear and tear our furniture is getting and it will be around now that you’ll start to see wear happening if you haven’t utilised durable fabrics up until now in your home! Durable fabrics for upholstery in particular will ensure your pieces remain in tack and can uphold the new increase in demand. Fabrics like microfiber and leather are the most durable – especially if you have children! Remember, that just because it is durable doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Edible Gardens

If you’re anything like me, the repeating lockdowns and restrictions forced me into the garden and I started to enjoy the greenfingers way of life like many others I expect. A great way to bring some joy into your home whilst also being practical in creating your own indoor edible garden. Not only are they practical – especially for those people that also discovered their inner chef in 2020 – but they are a great activity to create with the children. I’m not talking about your windowsill littered with random pots of seeds, to make an edible garden a feature in your kitchen, you’ll need to go to the next level and get creative with how you will display these little pots of joy.

If you’d like to discuss your next project to see what could be achieved, get in touch.

Georgina Robertson, Owner, COCO Interior Design

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