You may have thought you wouldn’t need to invest into a new home office when the pandemic hit in 2020. However, nearly a year later and the majority of us still working from home, we still don’t have any end date for when we will return to the office or if we ever will to the extent that we did before COVID-19. I for one decided to overhaul my home office late in 2020 when the realisation had sunk in that we are in this for the long haul! I hadn’t realised quite how much my office set up – or lack of – was affecting my output, creativity and concentration each day.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home office this year, I’ve pulled together some of the key home office ideas that will inspire you to create the space you really need. Whether you have small nook to work with or a beautiful big home office that can have built-in storage and shelving – this blog will give you the inspiration you require to get going!

Office Nook

You can turn any space into a mini workstation with an office nook. Tucking an office nook into the family room – if you don’t have the luxury of space for a separate office – is a great home office idea that ensures you have the space you need to work everyday. A built-in desk or a desk that fits the space, a comfortable office chair and some shelving will start to make the space feel comfortable. Adding some shiplap panelling is a cost-effective way to give the nook some detail and interest to avoid it being bland and uninspiring. You could even go for a pop of colour if you need some extra help to get through those gloomy winter days!

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Built-in Storage

Built-in shelving and storage is one of my favourite design features to add into a home. If the room has the space for it, built-in storage creates a focal point and interest in the room whilst also being practical. It is a great way to fill a large space if your room is feeling hollow. Go for full ceiling to floor shelving or add in some cupboards to help with tidying up some of the mess that inevitably comes with an office. Installing bespoke built-ins allows you to create the space you need – whether you want to hide your printer and piles of papers or you simply want an elegant Zoom backdrop! If you can’t afford a built-in but have the space, go for a full height book shelf or a console table and style it up!

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The Focal Point

Shelves, shelves, shelves! The “shelfie” is the new trend for 2021 and what a great trend it is. Adding shelves is simple way of creating a focal point and interest in an otherwise boring space. Whether it is your backdrop or something to look at whilst you work, adding some shelves and styling them up will instantly transform your space. But remember, with a “shelfie”, less is more – don’t go cluttering them up!

Adding a pop of colour or a piece of artwork on the wall can also help to create a focal point in your room. When you need that much needed “thinking time”, taking your glance away from the screen and looking at a colour or piece of art can really help stimulate the brain. Not to mention when you walk into your office each day you are more likely to feel motivated and inspired! Also ensure you have candles and diffusers in your room, candles can be extremely relaxing for the mind – not to mention they also look beautiful on a desk, shelf or console unit.

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If you’d like to discuss your home office project to see what could be achieved, get in touch.

Georgina Robertson, Owner, COCO Interior Design

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